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Hymen Pills


Artificial hymen pills is used for female virginity. with this product female can get re-virgin again. Once you lose your virginity you can use fake blood pills to show some blood at wedding night. is available to give you best fake blood pills that will never feel you regret at the time of sex with your partner. it will give you 100% result.

Artificial hymen pills in Pakistan

What does it mean artificial hymen pills?

The hymen could likewise be a one-of-a-kind piece of a ladies’ vagina. It’s found inside the launch of a vagina, it secures the vagina and its pathway. It’s a slight layer inside the launch of the vagina that ensures it. Artificial Hymen pills in Pakistan are made in Malaysia and an uncommon item that helps you to seep on your first evening and cause you to certain to stay satisfied along with your bed accomplice.

Fake blood Pills contain red Fake blood that settles into the dampness of the vagina and delivered with the release of the vagina-like blood. They had lost their hymen some way or another and they’ll not seep on their first night. It makes you re-virgin and youthful again.

How Artificial Hymen Pills works?

Fake blood containers since it streams down blood once you might want to miss your hymen. Hymen restore capsules works by settling the office inside it with the dampness of the vagina. A woman needs to embed it inside the vagina once you’re doing sexuality alongside your accomplice it broke and in this manner the fake blood inside it streams down from the vaginal pathway. Unique Artificial Hymen pills in Pakistan additionally help to fix the vaginal pathway and make your sexual minutes more serious and energizing.

Implementation of Hymen Pills:

Artificial hymen repair kit price in Pakistan is manufactured from regular fixings that make them one of a kind and safe for you. The stains of the blood stay on the bedsheet and along these lines the organ of the male.

 It’s a basic and easy way to utilize a hymen kit:

  • Clean your hands first
  • Be in a position where you can embed the pills easily
  • At that point embed the pills inside cautiously
  • Open the vagina with the help of your different fingers
  • Supplement the finger inside the vagina and spot the underlying Artificial Hymen Pills profoundly
  • Addition the Artificial Hymen pills online in Pakistan at least two hours prior to beginning your sexual exercises


Hymen Pills are flimsy cellulose that is kind of a film that ensures the vagina. It can get through hard proactive tasks however the perceptible thing is there are Artificial Hymen pills in Pakistan which may encourage you to ask your hymen back.


  • Aloe Vera
  • Propolis
  • Saffron
  • Turmeric Oil
Artificial hymen repair kit price in Pakistan: is providing hymen restore capsules at a very cheap rate only Rs. 6500/-

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 7 cm


What is a hymen capsule?

Hymen capsule is a capsule that is used for re-bleeding for the first night. Hymen capsules are fake for the re-virginity. At the time of the first night when you will have sexual activity with your partner, you will be satisfied with fake blood pills named hymen capsules.

How do you use fake blood capsules for virginity?

it is very easy to use fake blood capsules for virginity. just insert in your private part before sex and after 15 to 20 minutes you can do the activity with your partner to show their virginity with fake blood which will come from hymen capsules. in that way, your partner feels satisfied from their sexual activity and from the mind as well.

How can I get virginity again?

It’s not a big deal to virgin again now there is 2 easy way for availing their re-virginity.
1- you can avail the opportunity for virginity by surgery
2- You can also get your virginity again with hymen pills normally called hymen capsules.

How much does it cost to be a virgin again?

To get your virgin again is not a much costly now you can just have it only in Rs. 5500/- with hymen capsule
also you can get your re-virginity with surgery in around Rs. 40000/. In both cases, you will be a virgin again.

What is the Price of Hymen Pills in Pakistan?

Hymen Pills in Pakistan are available at a cheap rate in Pakistan. To avail your virginity again you just need to expense Rs. 5500/- only. Have it by name hymen pills or hymen restore capsules.


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