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Delay Spray

Delay Spray in Pakistan

Utilization – Delay spray

First of all, I would like to tell you about what is mean by delay spray in Pakistan and how to use it for timing purposes?

Sex spray in Pakistan is used to increase the timing of intercourse and to keep you pleased during sex. Everyone has a different timing of their sexual activity and most of them know that they have bad timing of their sexual duration. This spray is used to keep play long timing at the time of sex. These spray also use for the purpose to keep your partner happy, if you think that you are not able to play long last at the bed so in that case, you can increase you long-lasting at bed by using these sex timing spray in Pakistan.

What is the Usage of imported delay spray in Pakistan?

Most men use imported delay spray in Pakistan because it is very famous due to its result it increases the stamina in men for sex and gives long last at the time of bed. By using timing spray in Pakistan you will feel delayed ejaculation and your partner will also be happy with your timing because the only thing that is important in women they want timing from their partner at the bed so, that they can enjoy their whole life.

Purpose of Timing spray in Pakistan:

Here are some main keywords of sex spray in Pakistan

  • It keeps your ejaculation control
  • ¬†will help you to play long last
  • It will increase your confidence level for intercourse that will help you to play better in bed
  • Keeps you away from depression towards timing

How to use delay spray in Pakistan

The way of using a Delay spray in Lahore Pakistan is different because many people use it before 5 minutes and do their activity. But the best way to use it before 25 minutes Splash it around on your penis and wait for a while so that it can absorb insight.

Incorrect use of Timing spray has no result because the right use of spray always give you the best result and will control your premature ejaculation

A broad range of Timing spray prices is available on our website named

We have many best delay sprays in Pakistan like,

Viga spray:

Viga delay spray is the most useful spray which everyone wants to use because it has many positive reviews and it has the best result if you use it in the right way.

In viga spray there are many different sprays available just like viga 100000, viga 1million, viga 240000, viga 880000.

Deadly shark spray:

In Sex timing spray name and price in Pakistan, these sprays are best to control premature ejaculation in men and can take excitement for a longer time. Deadly shark delay spray in Pakistan is also the best spray that people mostly like to use because it gives the maximum time and can use whenever you want to have sex with your desire lady. With the use of delay spray in Lahore Pakistan, your lady feels excited about your delayed timing for intercourse.

At where you can get it easily:

Delay spray in Lahore you can get via our website MEDSOL. We are always available to provide you best and original things regarding premature ejaculation or early ejaculation because we deal in just imported items. has all ranges of delay spray for men which have different prices. You can get at minimum prices and also at maximum prices.

Delivery Time:

in Pakistan will take only 48 hours maximum to reach your destination like Delay spray in Karachi will take time 1 to 2 days only delay spray in Lahore will be on same-day delivery and on other cities have different criteria for delivery service with cash on delivery. in Rawalpindi it will take 1 day mostly to deliver you to your destination.

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