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Renal Health

Renal Health – Habits that are Harmful to Your Kidneys

Renal Health, Habits that are Harmful to Your Kidneys

Renal Health, Kidneys are important right…Why??? Because these are the major organs that clean your blood. This cleaning of blood is extremely important. As it is because of this activity that we are able to get rid of all the toxic substances. The presence of these toxic materials can give rise to a number of serious health problems.

According to the top urologist of Karachi, there are certain lifestyle choices that one should avoid if they want to keep the company of their kidneys for the long run. 

Given below are some lifestyle choices that are actually quite harmful to your renal health.

Renal Health, Habits That You Should Avoid

People often argue that what bad a certain lifestyle choice can do to their health. But we need to understand that everything that we either eat or do has a potential good or bad impact on our health. Make sure are you are committed to a healthy lifestyle so that you can enjoy the benefits of healthy organs for a long time. 

  • Do Not Look At The Salt Shaker

This statement is quite meaningful at the core. To avoid salt altogether is a hard nut to crack. But foods that are high in their sodium content can be quite a problem causing for your body especially for your kidneys. 

You can add herbs and other sorts of spices to your food to alleviate the food taste. 

  • Drink Water

Water is the basic necessity of life. It is important for all the body fluids that are present in your body to exist on a balanced scale. This balance of pH is provided by water.

Moreover, water is also important for flushing out sodium and other different types of toxins from your body. 

Therefore make sure to track your body’s water intake. Remind yourself to drink lots of water every now and then!

  • Sleep…It’s Good For Your Health 

This goes without saying that sleep is inevitable.  Sleep is important for your physical, spiritual, and mental health. If you are avoiding sleep for a longer period of time it can lead to serious complications in your body.

Kidney function is highly regulated by your sleep-wake cycle.  So, get over the fact that sleep is only important for your brain. It is essential for your overall body function and for better renal health. 

  1. Meaty Products 

Elevated and unregulated consumption of red meat can be problematic. The digestion of these meats leads to the production of a high amount of acids. This high level of acid gives rise to a condition that we know as acidosis. 

Acidosis is a medical condition in which the kidneys are unable to get rid of these high amounts of acid. Yes, it is highly advised to keep track of your protein intake. As protein is important for your body’s proper functioning. But remember that the key is to balance things. 

Do add vegetables and fruits to your diet as they provide the natural equilibrium.

  • High Sugar Food 

Foods that have high sugar content are the main and leading cause of obesity. Obesity is the primary reason for high blood pressure and diabetes. 

These two diseases take a serious toll on your kidneys and lead to their poor function. Also, make sure that you are looking out for such foods which are not by definition sweet but do have some added sugars in them. 

Look at the packaging and keep a close eye on what is added and what is not!

  • Smoking 

Not a day goes without us hearing or witnessing something bad about smoking. Smoking is a waste of time, money, and health. It is one of the most destructive and deteriorating habits to ever exist. Cigarette smoke is high with a number of carcinogens that are harmful to your health. 

These substances tamper with your body’s normal functions and disrupt the regular work pattern of your body and its organs. 

If you want to live a long and happy life with all of your organs in place, then make sure to get rid of this habit. 

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt about the importance of kidneys. People need to be aware of these habits that are posing a serious strain on their organ health. Make sure to keep these aforementioned habits in your mind. And if you require more assistance you can always consult with a good doctor. 

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