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Vega Tablet


Vega 100 mg tablet in Pakistan is best product to treat ED Issues in Men. Vega tablet formulated (sildenafil Citrate) Made by India. buy Vega tablet online in Pakistan at affordable Price from Buy 2 pack and get 1 Free.

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At what time Vega tablet will work:

Vega tablet price in Pakistan will be affected properly in an hour. In many cases, it works within a few minutes but it depends upon the age. At a younger age, Vega 100 give result after some time of taking a pill like 25 minutes, but on the other hand, it works in 40 to 50 minute in the age upper 40s. Buy a Vega tablet in Pakistan to give you a hard erection.

What do Vega tablets do inside the body?

It contains sildenafil citrate and increases the blood flow in the body which will help you to have an erection. This tablet also used for the problem of erectile dysfunction.

How much time do you feel an erection?

After using Vega 100 price in Pakistan you can get a hard erection for intercourse. Once you are done with sexual activity and after half an hour you need to do it again in that case you don’t need to have 2nd tablet it will give you an erection even for the 2nd time.

Main points:

  • Vega 100 in Pakistan is 100 mg
  • It has 4 tablets in a pack
  • Vega 100 is made in India
  • is providing you with the lowest price only Rs. 1200/-
  • It is the best treatment for erectile dysfunction in men.

Home delivery:

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What is the Vega tablet used for?

Vega tablet is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. it will increase the blood flow to the penis. vega 100mg tablet gives you a proper erection so that you can have more excitement during intercourse.

What is the side effect of Vega?

vega 100mg if has many benefits it also has some of the side effects to use
Here are some side effects of vega 100mg tablet
1- you will feel a little headache
2- It can because of stomach disturbance
3- it is not suitable for sugar patients
4- it can be high your blood pressure after using

How long does Vega 100 stay in your system?

vega 100mg will show their result within 30 minutes and it will give you proper hardness in your penis. once you take a tablet you don’t need to have it again for the second round. it will give you an erection for 24 hours. within 24 hours you can enjoy sexual activity without taking a tablet again.

What is the Price of Vega 100 Tablet in Pakistan?

many sellers are selling it in Rs.1000/- but Medsol is providing you the best rate and for original products as well in just Rs. 700/- if you want to buy 2 pack Medsol give you discount on that because customer satisfaction regarding brand and rate is our top priority.

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